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• 《花貌好》 Flowers are fair


The face of flowers is so fair; why then day by day must it mask their sorrow?
A girl, though flower-faced, in very deed must blush before my lord.
Since your spring’s radiance is so fair, I warn you let it not wane in waste.
E’er flouting me, you should reflect on former days;
How that I have suffered deep wounds enough, such as the word ‘passion’ strikes.
Could I think that my spring-dream would end today?
In bygone time I deemed you true-hearted; now I know you are but a sham willow.
I hear men’s chill words saying that we shall be torn apart as the peacock from his mate.
The flowers’ arbour, fragrant and lustrous, has in very deed been rifled by the bees.
Why, when I have crossed the Silver River, do you withdraw the Crows’ Bridge?
If thus you act, your handmaid’s suffering will indeed be cruel.
Ah! Unseen I see you through.
Your heart’s passion is not as of old.
My lord, even though you say not a syllable to me, yet to death I must follow in your quest.



• 《同心草》 Concord grass

Concord grass is planted by the ring-fence;
It does but hope to be uprooted and set as companion to the peony.
How could I think that business of flowers would be so distraught and business of spring-love so languid?
That, withal, barriers and mountains should part my lord from me?
You have jilted your handmaid; you have flown off like the mateless goose.
Goose, oh! Goose, in northern lands and under southern skies thou art inured to suffering;
But I, vagrant in love’s green arbour, know my own heart-burning
The sky is cold; my sleeves are thin; I rest on the fence looking for your coming.
The west wind blows; the blinds are rolled up; I feel my own loneliness.
You, sir, in the lap of joy know not that your maid is so distressed.
For you my eyes are strained, my heart is broken; I forfeit sleep and forget my food.
In bygone days I warned you, while at home, that it was ill for us to be dragged apart.
How could I know that, errant on river and lake, you would be loth to turn homewards?
I bethink me that other lovers are ready enough to heed the counsel of their mistress;
But you flout my counsel; so secretly I wring my hands.
Today my love is far away at heaven’s verge; rarely can we see each other.
Ever and anon the pearling tears bedew my spring garment.
Thus I am afflicted with more sorrow and more sickness; I sigh as I clasp the guitar to my breast.
Ah! Heaven yearns for nightfall.
At evening the mirror shows that my flower-face is impaired.
My lord! You may pluck blossoms right easily; but think how hard it is to plant the flower.


• 《瀟湘雁》 The geese of the rivers Siu and Song


Ye geese of the River Siu and Song, that post all love-letters,
How stands the news from Hang-young?
O geese! With your clack and cackle you thrill into memory the fibres of my grief.
You flout me so that, when night comes on, I endure evil dreams beyond the fifth watch.
My spring garment is wet through with tears for my absent love.
Tell me, how can I wait till the Hop-pho River again yields pearls?
I cannot write in full the love-thoughts which I cherish for my lord.
Ah! Passion is undying.
Where is he who clasped my hand?
Ye geese! He who knew my heart is gone! Bring ye to him, for my sake, these heart-broken verses!


《難忍泪》 Tears

• 「難忍泪,洒濕蓮枝。記得與君聯句在曲欄時。你睇粉墻尚有郎君字,就係共你倚欄相和個首藕花詩。今日花又復開,做乜人隔兩地。未曉你路途安否,總冇信歸期。蓮筆叫我點書呢段長恨句?愁懷寫不盡好似未斷荷絲。今日遺恨在呢處曲欄提起往事。唉,想起就氣。睇住殘荷凋謝咯,我就想到世事難為。」

Tears are hard to check; they sprinkle with moisture the lotus-stalks.
I remember how I wove my words with yours, when we stood by the ring-fence.
Look you! The whitewashed wall still keeps the lines which my lord wrote,
Even that lotus-flower song which, leaning against the fence, we sang together, you an I.
To-day the flowers reopen; why, then, are we mortals apart in two places?
I know not yet whether you fare ill or well upon your road; for never a day has brought home a letter from you.
How can you give me cause to indite with lotus-pen words of such lasting sorrow?
I cannot write fully of my heart’s woe; it is endless as the unbroken lily fibre.
To-day regret broods o’er me here at the ring-fence, while I mention bygone things.
Ah! Memory brings sighing.
As I watch the bruised lily wither, so I muse on the hardness of this world’s way.



《薄命多情》 Fate and passion
招子庸作, 金文泰譯

Heaven! Thou didst beget me so frail of fortune; why, then, hast thou begotten me so full of passion?
Weigh the word ‘passion’; a myriad things beside it are utter lightness.
Methinks that in this world of men, to meet but once, this also is foredoomed in an earlier life.
Withal, how can I endure in a moment to part wholly from you, after so many years of amity?
Men, seeing that I bear you such lasting love, grieve that my life may be cut short.
Yet methinks, if my love be lasting, then, though my life be short, it is as fate ordained.
Now in a myriad matters I am light-hearted; I do but fear that you, sir, lack constancy.
I fear you will do me hurt, leaving all my body lorn as duckweed littered upon the water.
Would I might efface all memory of this haunt of vapour and of flowers, seeking out a happier region!
Then, though you flout me, yet I swear silence.
Bethink thee that I, a girl, am pure-hearted; why, O Moon, wilt thou do me no kindness?
Still must I trouble the with prayer to unite us this once, lest I be utterly forlorn.
Our two infatuate dreams have so enthralled my senses, that I know not when I shall awake.
Ah! Truly I am a-fevered.
In bygone days I clasped you round the neck.
Why, then, as I look far and near, is the main chance still unconsummate?


• 《花本一樣》(凡二)The nature of flowers

1. 花本一樣,點曉得世態炎涼。對住情人分外香,可惜花有妙容難道奴就薄相。做乜看花人懶看妾人忙。花開𡻕𡻕都是花模樣,花亦憑天為佢主張。可惜我在花月場中捱盡的苦況,就冇一箇惜花人似得水咁情長。溫香美滿都是成虛想,花亦似憐人孤,寂伴佢成雙。人話奴貌勝花都是過獎,就俾你如花美眷,願亦難償。花花世界都是情根蔃,花敢樣重還不了風流賬。點得我早日還完花債,共你從良。
Flowers in themselves are ever the same. How can they understand that the world’s favour blows now hot, no cold?
Wondrously fragrant are flowers in a lover’s eyes.
Alas! Though flowers have marvellous beauty, it were hard to say that your handmaid is of mean countenance.
Yet why must he who looks at flowers be languid; while he who looks at me is impassioned?
It is the fashion of flowers to open year by year;
Moreover, flowers rely on heaven to determine their destiny.
Pity that, amid the domain of flowers and moon, I endure anguish to the end.
So then never a man, who pities flowers, is as constant in his passion as the water.
Gentleness, beauty, and fragrance full-blown, are but the consummation of a vain desire.
Flowers, as though pitying men’s desolation, go with men as their mates.
‘Tis said that your handmaid’s face is fairer than a flower; but too high is such praise;
Yet, though one be beautiful as a flower, ‘tis hard to fuly gratify desire for union.
The would of flowers, aye of flowers, gives root to passion.
Such are the flowers.
I have not even yet repaid my debt of wanton joy.
Would that in my life-time I could quit the score, and follow virtue with you.
2. 花本一樣,憂樂佢都唔知。佢話落花還有再開時,恐防春老東君棄,落後焉能再上枝。來春雨露自有來春意,若再等到來春放也遲。雖係鮮花咁好未必無人理,須防開透被蝶蜂欺。你芳心檢點去尋知已,唔係噤你,深花人緊記總係百花頭上莫折錯薔薇。
Flowers in themselves are ever the same. They know not either grief or gladness.
‘Tis said that, though flowers fall, they open again in their season;
Yet timidly I beware lest, when spring grows old, the wind-prince of the East should spurn me;
Once fallen, how can I again be set upon my stalk?
Next spring’s rain and dew are doubtless the next spring’s care;
But, if once more you tarry the coming of green spring, then it will be too late.
Since I am fine as a fairy flower, maybe that some one will befriend me.
Needs must I take heed lest, when full-blown, I become the sport of butterflies.
Do you with pure purpose go warily in quest of a sweetheart.
I do not deceive you.
Ye that reach out to cull flowers, remember!
Though one among a hundred blossoms, pluck not in mistake the cinnamon rose.


• 《真正攞命》(凡六)Lorn of life (six parts)

1. 將我品性,想吓生平,對住皇天我要問佢一聲。做乜佢風中弱絮飛無定,做乜我水上殘花又洗不清。人在風月場中尋出樂境,做乜我在烟花叢裡築起愁城。好似小青照不出前生影,就把彌天幽怨一力擔承。實在無藥可醫心裏病。誰肯做証?我自招還自認。係唎攞人條命都係箇一點癡情。
With every faculty I reflect upon the ways of life.
As I face the royal heavens, I must ask them a question:
‘Why does my lover sway fitfully, like a weak willow catkin in the wind?
‘Why am I, a bruised flower on the water’s surface, washed yet not pure?
‘Since men seek amid domains of moon and wind for the happy land,
‘Why then do I, in this cluster of vapour and of flowers, build me up Sorrow Town?’
Thus am I ever as Siu Tsheng, who, since she saw not in her mirror the shadow of her former life,
Therefore made secret complaint to the vast heavens, asking their aid in her support.
Verily no medicine can heal disease within the heart.
Who will be my witness?
I myself confess my malady; then I myself take knowledge thereof.
Yes, the murderer of man’s life is his own insensate passion.
2. 真正攞命,却被情牽,一緘春恨唔知向乜誰言。雖乃係綠柳多情牽緊弱線,總係章臺春老望絕寒烟。縱有才人賞識我的春風面,皆因同病故此相憐。你話淪落在呢處風塵誰不厭?總係殘紅飛不出奈何天。敢就飄零一樣好似離巢燕。唉!風又亂扇,失路在林間剪,敢就一生埋沒塟在花田。
Truly I am lorn of life; in very deed I have suffered passion’s impulse.
I know not to whom I should tell my tale of spring regret.
Although the green willow’s bent be to draw upward the weak tendrils,
Yet mostly in Chong-thoi, when spring grows old, there is despair and chill poverty.
If there be wise men who praise our spring-wind faces,
All such have sympathy with us, because afflicted with disease like ours.
Who, say you, does not resent his fall to ruin in this place of wind and dust?
Mostly the bruised red blossom cannot flutter from beneath the inexorable sky;
Therefore it drifts desolate, as a swallow that has left her nest.
Ah! The wind is a wild fan.
I have lost my way and cut me a path through the jungle.
So all my life is a grave, entombed in a field of flowers.
3. 真正攞命,却被情拏,共你海誓山盟箇一念差。回頭好夢都如畫,好似水中明月鏡中花。我梅魂虛把東風嫁,到底孤負多情萼綠華。累我不定心旌難以放下,料應條命死在君家。人前我亦未敢分明話。唉!君你偷偷想吓,底事真和假?我望你早乘秋水泛月中楂。
Truly I am lorn of life; in very deed I have suffered passion’s grip.
That with you I swore to the ocean and made oath to the mountain, herein was my mind’s error.
When the face turns backwards, a good dream seems but a picture,
Like to the bright moon on the water, or to the flower in the mirror.
Thought-pure as the plum-blossom, vainly have I wedded the east wind.
At the last my exceeding love is flouted, even as that of Ngok Luk-wa.
My hurt makes it the less easy for me to haul down my heart’s fluttering pennon.
Meseems I should have died in your home, my lord.
In men’s presence I dare not yet frankly speak my mind.
Ah! Lord, ponder secretly hereon;
Were our oaths true or false?
My hope is you will soon embark upon the raft which at autumn-tides moors in the moon.
4. 真正攞命,却被情招。虧我浮萍無定,係咁浪飄摇。君你青衫濕後,我就知音渺。縱有新詞,羞唱到《念奴嬌》。恨只恨楊柳岸邊風月易曉。你話何曾夜夜是元宵?月落烏啼人悄悄,真正雲散風流好似落潮。共你相思欲了唔知何时了?唉!心共照。苦把皇天叫。天呀,做乜箇一箇纒綿,就向箇一箇寂寥。
Truly I am lorn of life; in very deed I have suffered passion’s beckoning.
I am spurned to and fro like duckweed; thus it is that the waves tumble and toss me.
My lord, after your green garb was wet, then my sweetheart vanished.
Even had I a new song, I should blush to sing of Nim No the Beautiful.
I grieve, I do but grieve, that by the willow banks the transience of wind and moon is understood so easily.
Where, say you, has the full moon of the first month been a nightly visitant?
The moon sinks, the crow caws, men are full of care.
Truly the clouds scatter; joyance is like an ebbing tide.
Fain would I end my love for thee, but I know not when will be its ending.
Aye! Our hearts lok one into the other.
Bitterly I invoke the royal heavens.
Heaven! Why are these linked to those and then reft from them at the last?
5. 真正攞命,却被情魔。共你私情太重,都係錯在當初。今日芙蓉江上無人過,我玉鏡凴誰畫翠娥?呢回殘燈斜月愁無那,縱有睡魔迷不住我帶淚秋波。敢就雨暗巫山春夢破,好似鷓鴣啼切,苦叫哥哥。你一擔相思交俾過我。唉,真正恨錯!天呀,你亦該憐憫我地兩箇,做乜露水姻缘,偏會受此折磨?
Truly I am lorn of life; in very deed I have suffered passion’s frenzy.
The giant growth of my hidden love for you was wrong in its first beginning.
To-day no one passes over the lotus river.
On whom will my jade-mirror rely to paint my eyebrows with aniline?
Now the lamp is broken; the moon is waning; my sorrow knows no respite.
Even were there a sleep spirit, he could not charm away the tears that suffuse my autumn-glancing eyes.
So rain veils the Witches’ Mountain. My spring dream is destroyed.
Like the partridge, I cry, cry in rapid complaint.
You have handed over to me the burden of your love-thoughts.
Ah! Truly regret is wrong.
Heaven! Thou shouldst have pity on us both.
Why need the doom of a marriage span, brief as dew, force on us fate’s snapping and grinding?
6. 真正攞命,卻被情傷,做乜知心人去話偏長。話起別離兩字我就三魂蕩。第一傷心還在過後思量。今日秋水蒹葭勞妹盼望。所謂伊人在水一方。點得再會共哥有期你心有異向。等我生為蝴蝶死作鴛鴦。或者在地在天消此糵 賬。唉!心欲喪。不能無此想,你睇海天無際,只剩一寸柔腸。
Truly I am lorn of life; in very deed I have suffered passion’s wound.
Why, when my sweetheart is gone, do my words perforce grow garrulous?
When I say the two words – ‘Depart! Farewell!” – my three souls are dissolved;
Yet ever the sorest heart-would is afterthought.
To-day the autumn waters and the tall rushes move your maid to wistfulness.
The man for whom I yearn is afar on the high seas.
Would that, when again I meet you, that day might wean your heart from turning elsewhere!
Then we, though butterflies in life, would in death be as a brace of teal.
Maybe on earth or in heaven I shall cancel this debt of sin.
Ah! My heart is lost in yearning.
I cannot forgo this desire.
Look you! Sea and sky are illimitable; but an inch-space cabins my poor heart.