Daily Archives: 十二月 1, 2010


• 《心把定》 A settled heart


You must set firm your heart: away with hesitation!
Can I but find a consenting mind and a concordant love, then with all my soul I shall yearn thereafter.
Smoke and flowers in fine are no land of lasting love.
One day the flowers will be bruised, then I fear they will suffer the butterfly’s disdain.
It savours ill that those wild butterflies should ravish flowers:
They do not ravish the fresh flowers, though so fair: wilfully they perch on the wild flowers.
Thus, when fairy flower meets elfin butterfly, then they two grow sweethearts:
Hence, under deadly doom, anxious of heart, I watch their flitting.
Sometimes with deep guile and cold eyes man still makes trial of man:
So falsely some feign to ravish the bruised flowers for a test whether they know or not.
Say not that the seed of our fairy flowers issues neither in root nor life!
I watch the way of your coming; then betimes I espy my chance.
I know, but feign ignorance: thus I go to test you.
Wilfully before the wind I wave to and fro, as if I had naught whereon to rely.
Ah! Needs must we understand each other.
I have suffered overmuch distress: maybe your presence beside me will lessen my melancholy.
My heart dies because of you.
They who lust for flowers stand outside my door.
Butterfly! If thou hast the heart to ravish me, wait till my bloom is full-blown: even then it will not be too late.