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• 《相思索》 The rope of love


The rope of love-thought binds together our two hearts.
Therewith is the wooer confined in Complaisant Thorp.
My lord, either you are loth to let go, or it is I that have fast bound you.
Dazed is your head, and dazed your brain, as that of a witless princeling.
Though some deft-handed craftsman say that he could unravel this knot, yet I have no means of asking him.
Aye, though sharp your knife, you scarce could cut this passion’s root.
If you are wise, then in your own despite cast off the bond! Do not rivet regret in your heart!
How could I think that, in days to come, you would weary of me, and yet when dreaming follow in my quest?
Heaven! Since thou madest man, why didst thou give him the word ‘passion’ for a guide?
But, be passion long or passion brief, ‘tis certain that fate was foreordained.
Withal, if true passion be not misused, men need not suffer duress.
Though for a moment you be distressed, yet in the end your heart will be relieved.
Truly the best time for revenge is the hour of love’s malady.
Ah! All is chaos.
I do not fear your wit, I do not fear its want.
Though passion’s gates be hard to burst, yet even in death I must follow in your quest.