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• 《 對垂楊》


He who is broken-hearted, fears to face the weeping willow.
Aye, for he fears to face the charm in that pair of weeping willow eyes;
Therefore I see him sadly lock together his eyebrows at the tip, even as I do also.
O willow! why e’er thine own sorrow is ended, dost thou strive to tinge my mood with sadness.
Pity thou wast planted, not in the shelter of yon fair lady’s bower, but at the road-stage where men part.
At sight of passion’s farewell thine heart-strings will be wrung with woe.
I fear that much grieving will not insure thee to this debt of loss from sight.
Ah! thou must needs bethink thee.
Lo! look towards Yong Kwan.
O willow, why in first autumn does thy color change to yellow green?



  • 《無了賴》 Unending



 Without sure ending, such is mutual love.

How (say you) can I fling from my heart all thought of the past, all musing on the future?

My whole life long I have shrunk from mention of the word “parting";

Like the silkworm in spring, I would even spin silk till I die.

I do not decide to live with you, but fain would I die with you,

Lest, when our day is done, we sojourn in diverse places.

From of yore countless are the matters which wound men’s hearts.

Heaven! Thou dost so envy my great passion; me seems thou art ruled by self seeking.

Consider the maiden Hung Fat how sharply she saw men through. Fair one! in a measure thou art like her.

To-day, then, thou shouldst pity me who am forlorn as Lei Yok-Sz.

Now am I sunk into the world and have suffered men to fleer at me as prodigal.

Alas! To-day it is even so.

The fragrant land records my name.

Perchance some kindred spirit will come listen to my heart-breaking song.


《桄榔樹》 The laryota plam


O plam-tree! I know thou art single hearted;
From birth thine heart’s grain was thus fashioned; therefore at sight of thee my soul melts with desire.
In a lean land thou growest up and hast naught whereon to rely;
Yet art thou of love’s true grain, therefore is passion rooted thus within thee.
Methinks that, though the human world contain the root of such passion, men scarce could find it.
Since then a tree may be so fashioned, with pining I do repine for my love’s fickleness.
Of recent days I have seen that my master’s heart is much unsettled;
The moods of one heart he divides among many maidens.
Did he but imitate thy singleness of heart, O tree! then for a length of years I should have no regret.
Ah! in good sooth I am ill-content.
I must question the flower-spirit.
O tree! if thou art not fain to help my master be like thee in his love, then I shall call thee an evil spirit.


  • 《三生債》 A debt of three lives



 In the world of flowers, aye of flowers, prithee, how were we twin-born?

And since we were twin-born in this place, why do we ever and ever turn one from the other?

In fine playthings of rouge and powder will, like green garments, alter at the last;

Therefore I am loth to plant passion’s root in the snow-frozen earth.

How could I think that fibre-tied, though root-broken, I should be bound through three lives to my love-debts,

Till thus I am entangled by wanton toils in yonder Willow Lane and Flower Street.

Albeit you like the wild stork, and I like the grey sea-gull, we bore ourselves in no vulgar wise?

‘Tis ever the teal that rely hen-bird on cock-bird, as the clouds on water.

Yet I have held but dull intercourse with you; my passion I have cast into the high seas.

How could I think that my heart’s blood would in a moment surge up as a flood? Tell me, how can I feel myself?

Withal, I cannot quit my old love and my new joy.

Ah! truly there is no ending.

Yes, ’twere best that reborn in the world to come, I stood beside you at corner of ocean and at verge of sky.


  • 《無情曲》 Passionless songs



Passionless songs I cannot sing before my lord.

The green waves and spring tides give no alternative to grief.

Yon gentle bird has heart to pity me;

For me it mourns with cry on cry —- ‘I cannot part from my mate, my mate!’

Now I await not to detain the spring: maybe ’tis no fault of my prince.

Write your name in your Goose Pagoda, that you may gain your degree the sooner.

Methinks that few indeed are reborn to be such as Lei Sin.

Let not the chance slip by!

To-day you are single and solitary: who can tell that you are as Chang Yun-woa?


  • 《無情眼》 Passionless eyes



Passionless eyes cannot avail to watch your carriage on its way.

My tear-spray falls like rain: I am loth to lean against the street-door.

A true heart is like clear water.

There is no end to my scroll-work broidery: there is no end to my blood-writ letters.

The parting-time, now come, urges me to give you this brief behest:

‘My lord, for all the glories of Peking, yet think of your old home.’

To-day my glass of water-wine is mixed with tears.

My lord, risk tipsiness!

‘Twere well you gave merriment free scope in brief converse and laughter with me.

Still must I be reborn with you in the world to come such as are those twin fish who have but one pair of eyes.


  • 《無情語》 Passionless words





Passionless words may warm my lord, yet cannot prevail to turn him back.

Invisible at heaven’s verge is my love, ten thousand miles away.

When toilet proves that the spring of my beauty has grown old, who will still pity me?

In the tavern men count that one spring-season has passed all flowerless.

‘Tis said that the roadside flowers and willow-trees deeply dye men’s thoughts with pity.

My lord, go not in search of the fisherman to question him concerning the ford of Mo-leng.

Though vapour and flowers be transient and of no account;

Still you were best be happy in your lot.

Remember how the constant care of your two parents is centred in your hale vitality.