Daily Archives: 六月 25, 2013


《辛苦半世》 Half a life’s bitterness





Half a life’s bitterness is known to our two selves.

Why cannot I, now bitterness is drained empty, behold the approach of sweetness? What, say you, will be the end?

Since I first realized my nature, I have known that man’s load is not light.

I do but hope that, when I have borne my burden through this world, then I shall obtain my heart’s desire.

How could I think that, e’er my debt of sin was paid, I should be sunk in the land of flowers and rouge?

Drifting o’er streams and lakes we scatter each of us eastwards and westwards.

‘Tis fate’s guidance that has brought me to this bitter pass; therefore I stifle my repining.

Alas! My spirit cannot rest content.

Cease from mention of bygone things!

How can I be fain to welter here, until my body dies, in this impassable sea of bitterness?