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No help


No help! Though I have dazed my mind with musing.

Whoso reach middle-age, the white hairs hasten upon them.

From of yore beauty’s roses were short-lived; truly fate is inflexible.

Withal, if toys of rouge and powder grow too passionate then the womb of ruin is pregnant.

I ponder how in this earthly world we can escape from the sea of bitterness.

In a past life we should have reformed our nature; so perchance we might the sooner be rid of disastrous partings.

Certes in my past life I did not reform, therefore I am so long sunk in perdition.

Ah! ‘tis hard to sever the bond of love.

The lover goes, but the root of love remains.

I must not look look backwards, but must ask Tathagata my question.